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Turps Spring Show at No. 4A Gallery in Malvern

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Each of the Turps Painting Programme participants will be showing a painting in this warm and intimate space in Malvern. If you’re in the area, we’d be delighted if you come and see the exhibition.

Private view 23 April 6.30-8.30
Exhibition 24 April – 15 May
Weds 12.30-4pm
Thurs/Fri 10am-4pm
Sat 10am-1pm

No, 4A Gallery
4A North Malvern Road
WR14 4LT

Turps Interim Show 2015

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Our Interim Show for the Turps Studio Painting Program 2015 opens on Thursday 19 March 6.30-9.30pm. Each of the 16 painters will be showing selected work from our year on the Programme so far.

The Turps Studio Programme, affiliated with the wonderful Turps Banana Magazine, provides a dynamic structure of: mentoring, peer-led learning, talks and visitors within an open studio environment.

This intensive and supported one year programme stimulates conversation and debate, through discourse and practice, advancing individual development.

– See more at:


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I’m showing new work at this group show of Wimbledon, Camberwell, and Chelsea graduates who’ve taken part in international programmes as part of our study at UAL. I was very lucky to take part in a residency at Tokyo Wonder Site in a group of 14 second year BA students from CCW accompanied by Professor Chris Wainwright in 2009. It was a life-changing experience that has affected the art I’ve made ever since and led to a string of wonderful residencies. The show opens this Tuesday 11 Nov at 5.30pm at the Cookhouse Gallery at Chelsea College of Arts, London, SW1P 4JU, and continues until Nov 17 weekdays 12-5pm

I’m excited to be showing the first of a new series of ‘folding paintings’ that explore surface through form with the hope of encouraging the viewer not just to look but to see. Laboriously transposing surface ruptures of paint, in paint creates a paradox I hope that you will feel drawn into. I’d love for you to see it in life and hear your feedback.

Art Vend

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Back in 2011 I ran a project in Tooting Market called Market POST with members of POST Artists. We made artworks, ran workshops, and created exhibitions which responded to the market, its traders and visitors. One of my favourite projects was our Tooting Pound Shop, of which there are many, but we were selling artworks. This project made us far more approachable. When we had nothing to sell in the market, people just didn’t know what to make of us. Selling artworks for a pound made us approachable and started a dialogue with the market users that had, at times, been previously too difficult to start. It was interesting to see what sold. Original drawings barely sold but the greetings cards were snapped up. It was basically about use value. It taught us a lot about the setting we were in and how art was perceived. the beauty of this was, however, that it expanded the audiences to our exhibitions and people found our space more welcoming in the future having created this approachable dialogue.

Last year I took part in the most wonderful residency in Cordoba, Spain run by Beam in Wakefiled and funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci lifelong learning programme. One of my fellow participants was the wonderful Annie Nelson who is one of the artist organisers at Woolgather Art in Leeds. She invited me to take part in their Art Vend project. This involved a commission to create 150 artworks for sale at just £1 each which could fit into vending machines, the type where you purchase a plastic sphere and there’s a surprise inside. I loved the idea of the project and racked my brains as to what to make.

I was working in the ceramics department at Escuela De Arte Dionisio Ortiz, Cordoba during the residency so a ceramic piece seemed the perfect choice. The art vend concept made me question multiples as artworks. Thinking about the whole and the fragments. A jigsaw sprang to mind as a multiple artwork and how each piece is a part of a whole but what is its value in isolation. The project seemed to question the value of artworks and of multiples so an impossible jigsaw seemed appropriate.

I created a giant jigsaw with comprising 150 rectangular raku ceramic pieces that could only really be pieced together by checking their individual edition numbers on the back but that could hopefully be treasured as individual items with merely the potential of being a part of a whole.

This piece was created using a hot kiln and then sawdust creating plumes of smoke in 42 degrees centigrade Spanish sunshine!

Each piece was individually wrapped in their plastic shells for artvend with this advice slip: Welcome to The Colony. You now own one part of a 150 piece, nearly impossible, ceramic jigsaw. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted, yet part of a whole. Will you find your neighbours? Would you want to?

Woolgather Art are now celebrating the Art Vend project with an exhibition this December and publication including all of the artworks. If you are about in Leeds at that time, please pop along to the exhibition, and seize the opportunity to collect the final limited edition artworks at only £1 each!

Turps Art School

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I’m utterly thrilled to be a part of the Turps Art School. Founded on the generous principles of the wonderful Turps Banana Magazine, written by painters for painters, the studio painting programme is for practicing artists wanting to invigorate their practice through critical debate about painting with peers and mentors.

We have excellent studio space in Elephant and Castle with a lively programme of visiting artists, mentoring sessions, crits, and studio time of course. There is the most wonderful buzz in the studios. Painters who are keen to be there, to make, to experiment, to learn, to shake themselves up and challenge themselves and each other, and mentors who are there because they love teaching, not because they are there for the money and begrudging the time they are spending away from the studio which I’ve experienced elsewhere. The atmosphere is one of progress, challenge, and excitement.

I felt it was just the right time for me to do something like this. All of the fees go to teaching and studio space. None of it goes to ridiculous levels of bureaucracy, Dean’s banquets etc. The course is run by people who are passionate about nurturing debate and encouraging burgeoning painting talent. We all feel an urgency in making work and pushing ourselves and learning from one another. Some very exciting things are happening!

Canalology 3 May 2014

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Tottenham Takeover at the V&A

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We had a great night at the V&A and POST Artists took over the Medieval & Renaissance Room, giving a sneak peak of Canalology in a completely different context to canalside Tottenham.

It was an extraordinary night. Many thanks to all who came.

V&A Tottenham Takeover

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I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Friday Late at the V&A next Friday evening. POST Artists and artists groups and musicians from Tottenham are taking over the V&A for one evening only in their series of evening events that invite London’s creative communities to take over the museum. I will be showing some photographs of shopping trollies in canals.

The free event takes place on Friday 28 March from 6.30pm. I do hope you can join us in this precursor to Canalology where will will be showing works in progress and artworks related to our show in Tottenham in May.

Canalology Preparations

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POST Artists have got Arts Council funding to put on Canalology, a one day contemporary art festival along the canal in Tottenham on the 3rd May 2014 and we can’t wait!

I’m excited by the canal in Tottenham because although Tottenham has been in the news so much over the last few years the canal is such an interesting and unknown area which people should see and experience for themselves.

Our impact on our environment at a micro and macro level is of great interest to me. I see how clogged our waterways are with algae and wonder how we react to this? I plan to make an artwork which engages passersby with the health of the canal itself, and how this relates to them, themselves.

I plan to make a pedal powered candyfloss machine! It will be used performatively to serve members of the public delicious yet sludgy green coloured candyfloss, made to resemble the algae in the canal. This project aims to encourage us to examine the relationships between food, function, our levels of consumption, art, the environment, and aesthetics.

I hope that you can join us!

Cascades: past, present and future

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As part of the Art Licks Weekend POST Artists invite you to

Cascades: past, present and future

at Studio 180, 180 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7JY

Private View Thursday 3 October 18:00 – 21:00

Exhibition continues Friday 4 October – Sunday 6 October 11:00 – 18:00

Curators: Samantha Penn and Olga Koroleva

Artists: Marco Cali, Catalina Garces de los Rios, Heather Jones, Matthew Kay, Olga Koroleva, Pippa Kozserek, Rebecca Leach,ilka Leukefeld, Fiona Long, Paula Morison, John O’Hare, Samantha Penn, Matthew Roberts, Jenny Rolfe Herbert, Melanie Russell, Natasha Vicars, Mary Yacoob

A Cascade is triggered, sequential, rational and irrational. In the framework of social theory, it refers the ways in which information is spread, often like wildfire, and sometimes unwittingly. It can refer to a trending hashtag or a collapsing ceiling; subtle and sweeping, all manner of transformation is within reach of the cascade. Cascades erode a mountainside, wipe clean and redefine landscapes, synthesise separate elements or trigger social change. A starting point is determined and often accidental, results unpredictable.

Distorting perceptions of structure, situation and narrative POST will postulate futures for the space, affecting the next weave of the Cascade and enforcing an artificially incurred progression, thus bringing under scrutiny the notion of space in contemporary society. The development of online spaces and communities and the growing impact of artificial venues have triggered exponential distortions of our use of space. Disembodied communities, portable cinemas and augmented reality are now common notions; POST will investigate how these notions can be married to concrete, dust and metal.

Studio 180 is a unique and challenging space and is a perfect experimental platform for POST Artists. Originally a residential building, later the railways communication hub, and now a creative space of three years, it bears a combination of original features and an eclectic collection of vintage and contemporary objects and artworks. During the Art Licks weekend POST will respond to material and ephemeral aspect of the space with a selection of new and existing works.

Studio 180

POST Artists Network

Curators’ full statement and exhibition image can be downloaded from our Art Licks Weekend page

Private tours can be booked via

I do hope you can make it along to see this extraordinary place and our show of course! I’ll be there on the Sunday.