Emotional Reactions

Inspired by my friend Kim Rodeffer Funk’s recent blog post, I thought that I would tell this story about some emotional reactions I had to one of my paintings:

This is the painting I did for my great friends Sally and Bill. It is based on some of their holiday photos. I was inspired by the journey through all the door-ways and whilst painting it I was thinking of the journey through life with the ultimate destination unknown and mysterious. My friend Antonia (who isn’t usually as dramatic) grabbed my hand when she clapped eyes on the painting and flung it tight to her chest to demonstrate her palpitations from just looking at it! Moving people like this is why I have to paint! Sally and Bill have found the most perfect frame possible for their new painting. It is as though it was made for the picture! The archway matches perfectly and it adds an extra doorway to the composition! This is it mocked up by Bill before it wass properly put together. It’s now in their new home in Gloucester and it looks smashing against their purply red kitchen wall. (I wish I’d taken a photo while I was there)

I last saw the painting while I was visiting when Sally was 8 1/2 months pregnant. A couple of weeks later there were devastating floods in Gloucester. The power and mains water were wiped out! I was rather worried about Sally. Luckily she managed to get to hospital in time to give birth to her beautiful daughter Georgie. I can’t wait to see them all again soon!

3 thoughts on “Emotional Reactions

  1. Kim

    Fiona! This is an incredible story and an incredible painting! I know just what you mean about painting because of the response you get from people…and we never, ever know when that is going to be or by whom! I love the idea of painting doorways…how perfect for travels. Doors and windows make incredible metaphors for life, don’t they? Bridges…too!

    Now it seems you will have to paint something else for these beautiful friends…with a special little girl who decided right away to come when she could challenge people. Children are very special in that way, don’t you think?

    Fiona…just keep painting as you have so much to say with your work! I am always interested in what is going to come out of you next!

    Thanks so much for mentioning me and for writing such beautiful entries here. They always give me so much to think about!


  2. Tara

    Fi I absolutely love this painting – I just wish I could see it closer up/in the flesh! I love reading your blog because I’ve seen your style and subject matter change and develop over several years now, and I always like to read about your current projects. I’m so glad we’re back in touch!

  3. fiona Post author

    Ah! Thanks Kim! Yes I often get inspired when I go away and it’s usually architectural features like stairs, doorways, arches and bridges that do it for me! I just like to get focussed on something new but these metaphors of what these things mean are inspiring.

    Yes, I’ll always keep painting for Sally and Bill. They’re great supporters of mine. I’ll tell you more about that later….

    How wonderful to hear from you again Tara!

    Thank you so much for your support. I’m so glad we’re back in touch too! xx

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