Entropy (sketch)

Here is a video sketch made in 2008 in Tokyo on a residency at Tokyo Wonder Site. Our group decided to go out onto the streets and make some video interventions. Robyn Minogue noticed a man sweeping meditatively near the temple so she devised a sweeping performance which I built on here. We were asked to focus on the theme of Waste. There was a lot of discussion on entropy and how, for the issue of waste management, entropy should be controlled! This is my response to that premise and it’s futility. Starring Robyn Minogue, and myself (Fiona Long). Camera: Cradeaux Alexander.

As you can see, it would need some rehearsal to be a polished performance but perhaps the relative chaos suits it anyway! I noticed from a photo of an exhibition in Tokyo that this was shown on a huge screen after I’d left the country. I guess that’s good?