Factory Nights in Middlesbrough

I had an incredible time up in Middlesbrough last Sunday. I was invited up by rednile projects to attend Factory Nights, a great art initiative where site responsive artists can get together and see fascinating places they may not have had the chance to see otherwise. They then have the opportunity to collaborate and possibly work up a commission inspired by the day.

We went to the amazing Transporter Bridge, which I took great relish in clambering all over and taking a shed load of photos. It was a beautiful sunny day so we were really lucky. Having never been further North East than Whitby it was a fascinating chance to hear stories about the history of the area and see it all from the sky. We then went into a piece of history. We walked into the infamous, and now derelict, Captain Cook pub, well known for its history of dockers, fights, and prostitution. We had a chance to explore the rather eerie rooms, hear some brilliant local poems and stories, puzzle over the strange collections of scattered discarded objects, and to read the rather wonderful incident book.

Am I mad going all that way from London and back in one day? Not a chance!

2 thoughts on “Factory Nights in Middlesbrough

  1. Mick Gibson

    It’s great to see your photo’s…..amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can see.Good work !

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