I’m excited to be a part of this show and it would be lovely to see you there. I’ll be showing some of my “Metro Botanic” works, really making the most of this atmospheric environment to showcase the unique properties of the work, and interweave it into this unusual space. This is no white cube show, and worth the journey for a unique experience. I’ll be there for the private view and at other times so please contact me if you’d like to arrange a tour.

HOUSEWORK: 11 Artists’ Take on a Victorian Ruin

An Art Show at Safehouse 1
(behind the Bussey Building in Peckham)
139 Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN

Private View Thursday 26 November 6.30 – 9.30pm

Opening hours: Wednesday 25 November – Sunday 29 November, 12 – 6pm
Friday late opening as part of South London Art Map, 12 – 10pm (party in collaboration with Disco Picnic: cocktails and street food)

We’ve all lived in one, almost.
The Victorian Terrace
A setting for everyday life.

Featuring artists who in various ways
Respond and intervene in this
Stripped down skeleton of a space.

They cut and clean,
Sweep, scratch and sand and stretch,
Make noise, brush and write.


Phillip Allen, painter
Leslie Blakelock, sculptor and painter
Paul Carter, sculptor
Jo Dennis, painter and installation artist
Simon Haddock, painter
Lizzie Lloyd, art writer and poet
Fiona Long, painter and installation artist
Jessie Makinson, painter and installation artist
Dorian McFarland, musician and multi disciplinary artist
Playpaint, painter
Isabel de Vasconcellos, novelist, art writer, curator

A show inspired by the beauty of mould creeping across a wall, where paint brushes and scrubbing brushes could be interchangeable, and letters with smudges.

The everydayness of art practice up against the peeling paintwork of every Victorian house you have ever lived in.