It’s Your Birthday – Cubitt Artists


I’m thrilled to be taking part in It’s Your Birthday, the first ever group show of Cubitt studio artists, in the spirit of their 25th anniversary as an artist-led organization, which is located in the same building as Darbyshire in Islington where the exhibition will take place. Cubitt’s landmark quarter century birthday is a hard won, collective achievement well worth celebrating.

Private view Wednesday April 27th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Darbyshire, 19-23 White Lion Street, first floor, London, N1 9PD

This exhibition presents work by artists who are currently either studio holders or work at Cubitt and is part of a celebration of Cubitt’s 25th anniversary since it was founded in September 1991 at Goodsway in Kings Cross. Since then it has been located in three additional buildings in Cubitt Street, Caledonia Street and now Angel Mews. Since its early inception both the gallery and education programs have developed substantially so that there are three key elements to Cubitt as an arts organization. Central to its ethos has been that it provides studios for artists to develop their work in a central London location. Since 1991 numerous artists have had studios at Cubitt producing an extraordinary and diverse range of works. This exhibition is a reflection of that diversity and demonstrates the vitality of the work that continues to be produced at Cubitt.
Mark Wright, Cubitt founding member

Cubitt studio artists are a group of dedicated practitioners, many of whom show both nationally and internationally. Over the last twenty five years, members have come and gone, allowing emerging artists to enter the fold and create new dynamics within the studio complex. It is no small feat to get 30+ artists to work alongside one another in a nurturing environment, which encourages creativity, and so It’s Your Birthday is a celebration of individuals, and a view into the history of Cubitt as a significant part the London art community.
Alexandra Darbyshire, curator

Exhibiting artists
Toby Boundy, Frances Burden, Andrew Child, Georgina Corrie, Tom Crawford, Alex Crocker, Dexter Dalwood, Liz Davies, Melissa Gordon, David Harrison, Chris Evans, Rhiannon Fraser, Annabel Frearson, Gareth Jones, Paul Hamlyn, Derek Harris, Nicky Hoberman, Jessica Johannesson, Kerstin Kartscher, Connor Linksey, Fiona Long, Henna Nadeem, Sarah Pickstone, Anne Ryan, Karin Ruggaber, Ross Taylor, Milly Thompson, Laura White, Hendrick Wittkopf, Mark Wright, Nicholas Wyatt, George Young

Viewing by appointment only: 020 7812 1200

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