2 thoughts on “Me modelling a Tommy Johnson t-shirt

  1. Suzie Q

    Look at you, you gorgeous creature, you!! ;) Lovely t-shirt! I saw the video of your Dad – he’s brilliant! What an amazing family you are…

    Thanks so much for popping over to my blog, and for your concern about poor Stan dog. He has a terribly embarrassing problem, poor thing! He’s nearly two years old and very hormonal – keeps getting stuck out, shall we say, and may have to have an op to stop it happening in future.. bless him, he’s too well-endowed for his own good, and I think that’s plenty enough info for now, eh?! Sorry, but you did ask! ;)

    Loved seeing your photo’s, Fiona, but have to admit to being grossed out by the mutilation of the rabbits. Good that they fed the family, though, and nothing was wasted! I’m not vegetarian yet, but I probably should be… unless I learn how to kill chickens, pigs & cows & catch fish pdq!

    Hope all is well with you & yours.

    All the best,
    Sue x

  2. fiona Post author

    Thank you Sue!

    I think my Dad’s great too!

    I’m sorry to hear about Stan! Poor thing! :-( I don’t suppose he’d enjoy the operation too much but whatever it takes to stop his discomfort, must be a good thing. I’m glad you said that he’s a dog in your comment or it may have really confused people!

    Sorry that the rabbit photos grossed you out! I’m not surprised as it grossed me out doing it but that was kinda part of the process. I get your point about killing cows and stuff. I don’t think that’s quite necessary, it’s just an understanding and an awareness that I’m really striving for ;-)

    Thank you so much for your comments Sue and please send Stan my love. I was going to say give him a stroke from me but given the circumstances, that may have sounded a little odd ! ;-)

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