Open Studio at the Chinese Arts Centre

I’m excited to announce my ‘Open Studio’ exhibition at the Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester which opens this Friday! It’s my first proper solo show!

The opening drinks reception is this Friday 24th September from 5-7.30pm. If you can make it then please do come along! The show runs until 29th September

At the same time, the lovely Sonia Kan will be showing her installation/performance ‘The mother and her untamed entity’ which is an exploration of the relationship between a mother and her daughter. So there will be plenty to see at the Chinese Arts Centre that evening!

Here’s their introduction to my work: Fiona Long is a recent graduate from Wimbledon College of Art and has been working with the two artists from our recent Infinite Strokes exhibition to explore hidden shapes and symbols in Chinese calligraphy.

Having graduated in both art and psychology, Fiona is fascinated by the way in which we cognitively interpret images. Using Chinese calligraphy symbols as the starting point for her research Fiona spent the residency investigating Chinese characters and taking part in calligraphy workshops. Her Open Studio work focuses on symbols which resemble one thing, but in translation mean something completely different. Fiona has tried to transform these traditional symbols in the hope that her interpretations alter the meanings of characters whilst also showing how images can transcend language.

In the Open Studio space, Fiona has followed this line of investigation with a number of painting and 3D works. Each piece focuses on this idea of manipulating characters; some taught to her in the calligraphy workshops, some from locally sourced text books and some found by chance encounters whilst walking around the city. On closer inspection, one particular piece in the studio, Pareidolia, depicts an all too familiar patterned gate within Chinese Arts Centre’s building.

It is clear to see from Fiona’s work that there is an intense preoccupation with the linking of symbols to images, and finding new meanings and messages within any given picture. Many of Fiona’s works depict her awareness of symbols resembling faces. She approaches each symbol as if it has its own characteristics, expressions and in a sense personality. For the audience, we can experience our own personal interpretation of what each symbol might resemble in our everyday lives, whether it is a cheeky smile or an animals snarl.

3 thoughts on “Open Studio at the Chinese Arts Centre

  1. Marina Jurjevic

    Bravo Fiona :)
    You definitely are amazing artist!
    I am so sorry that I can`t come to see your work. Have a fantastc open studio exhibition night and good luck with your work.
    Marina :)

  2. fiona Post author

    Thanks so much Marina! I wouldn’t expect you to come. It’s an awfully long way away! Thanks for the good luck wishes. How’s Wimbledon? x

  3. Marina Jurjevic

    Good luck :) Fiona today! If I`m feeling better I probably would come (I`m fighting cold). This is so interesting what you do with the meaning and the representation of a sign. I know you are going to have a fantastic opening and an exciting future :).
    I`ve done some work for Alice project during summer, as I planned (the piece under the sea :). Oh the underwater, eternal peacefulness and uncertainty..Do you still wish to take part in my project as Alice ? There are two other Alices… a pianist who is now a contemporary dancer, actor, teacher etc… and Alice – a former psychologist who is in economy now… I changed my direction from economy to work with people with learning difficulties, leaning towards art… and I can see, you are a psychologist too.. how interesting…:) :) :)

    College starts in two weeks vow… :) :) :)

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