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I’m a page 3 girl!

Degree Show

I’ve been featured in a full page article with images in the a-n degrees unedited publication this year. It gave me the opportunity to talk about POST Artists, Market POST and the other things I’ve been up to since graduating last year. I can’t believe it’s virtually a whole year now. I’m looking forward to going to this year’s Wimbledon degree show this Thursday to see what everyone’s been up to.

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Anti-cuts demo

Yesterday, at the TUC Anti-Cuts, March For The Alternative demonstration I joined AIR (Artists Interaction Representation)- the voice of visual and applied artists which identifies and explores issues that impact on artists’ practice, and campaigns for artistic, legislative and economic measures that enhance artists’ working lives and their professional status. We were marching against cuts to the art sector and that “Art education is a right, not a privilege”. I feel pretty strongly about that since, having finished my Fine Art BA with flying colours, whilst having some success, finding work in the arts sector is seriously tough. I know that I’m competing against hundreds or thousands for every job, many of whom have MAs, which I simply cannot afford to do, and don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do, especially if I can’t get job and save up! Rather a catch22 situation!

I’ve never been on a march before but was pleased to join this one. I was proud to hold my banner. If I go on another similar march, and have time though, I’ll make my own. “Make Art Not War” perhaps? It’ll be a work of art of course, and made from very cheap materials…