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Surface Views

I suppose that with my interests in art and psychology, it’s natural that I’d be fascinated by how people move around an art gallery and how they engage with the artworks. I love noticing things that hide in plain sight and noticing how people react to things they’d usually ignore in the context of an art gallery where one it attuned to observe and contemplate.

Estate of Serenity, Oil on hinged board, 2014, 70x60x20cm

I decided to make a body of artwork encouraging the viewer not just to look but to see.

The scale and nature of the paintings encourages a private, voyeuristic experience of the erotically banal. Rather than hitting the viewer’s peripheral vision with a large painting I wanted to create structures that encourage the viewer to come closer and engage with the painting one at a time.

Invitation, oil on hinged board, 2014, 60x20x20cm

These “Surface Views” explore surface through form, inviting the viewer into a personal space in order to contemplate memento mori through urban decay. Where nature attacks the city, we are reminded of the transient beauty and the poetic beauty of imperfection.

Opening, Oil on board in found frame, 2014, 50x60cm

They create a paradox of entropic layers of paint depicting old paint affected by time and nature through trompe l’oeil. The depth of these layers is further distorted by the three dimensional form.

The implied use value of the visible hooks and hinges deepens the paradox.

Pipewerk, 2014, Oil on hinged board, 70x60x20cm

I investigate the way in which the banal and everyday can be humorously elevated through laborious scrutiny. My paintings playfully challenge our expectations of the urban environment and investigate the psychology of space. With attention, the most ordinary details can become magical or disturbing observations.

Pipewerk installed in it's site specific location...

Bar Tur Award

Customer Fulfilment Centre

I’ve been preoccupied with the everyday lately, in fact, every day for several years. I like to find humour and wonder in overlooked and unexpected places. By finding something magical in something seemingly banal, the world at least appears to be a better place, and feels it too. I’m even reading a collection of texts on the everyday in contemporary art at the moment, and find studying the quotidian in theoretical and philosophical detail most amusing.

I also amused myself no end taking this photo. My colleagues in that particularly mundane job wondered what on earth I was giggling about, but to me this collection of plastic carrier bags and cardboard boxes, especially the one bearing the claim “Customer Fulfilment Centre” was a challenge. What could possibly be in that box to be the centre of all customer fulfilment? Perhaps it contains an elixir of life or a phoenix’s tail feather?

Anyway, having initially been laughed at for the photo, I entered it into the Lifestyle category of the Bar Tur photography award regardless and, blow me down, it was shortlisted! It seems that it wasn’t only me laughing after all!