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Bar Tur Award

Customer Fulfilment Centre

I’ve been preoccupied with the everyday lately, in fact, every day for several years. I like to find humour and wonder in overlooked and unexpected places. By finding something magical in something seemingly banal, the world at least appears to be a better place, and feels it too. I’m even reading a collection of texts on the everyday in contemporary art at the moment, and find studying the quotidian in theoretical and philosophical detail most amusing.

I also amused myself no end taking this photo. My colleagues in that particularly mundane job wondered what on earth I was giggling about, but to me this collection of plastic carrier bags and cardboard boxes, especially the one bearing the claim “Customer Fulfilment Centre” was a challenge. What could possibly be in that box to be the centre of all customer fulfilment? Perhaps it contains an elixir of life or a phoenix’s tail feather?

Anyway, having initially been laughed at for the photo, I entered it into the Lifestyle category of the Bar Tur photography award regardless and, blow me down, it was shortlisted! It seems that it wasn’t only me laughing after all!