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Hermitage River Projects

The view from my office

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I’ve worked in some strange places in my time, but recently I’ve been working in a sauna on a wharf on the River Thames! With Tower Bridge directly behind me, my office, literally on the river has one of the most interesting views you could get. I look out onto historic vessels including this working eel boat at my feet! It’s all pretty wonderful, except at high tide when the motion, whilst looking at a computer screen, makes me feel decidedly queasy!

So I’ve been volunteering for a wonderful heritage organisation Hermitage River Projects which is a registered charity that operates the visitor berths and helps to coordinate events at Hermitage Community Moorings.

Hermitage River Projects aims to promote knowledge and understanding of the Thames, its history, ecology and the communities using it; to undertake educational initiatives that increase understanding of navigational and boat handling skills; to undertake cultural initiatives that promote and celebrate river heritage; and to encourage the use, preservation and restoration of historic vessels.

The project is having its launch party on Saturday 11th September to coincide with the Thames Festival River Parade. If you have an interest in the project then contact me and I’ll see if I can wangle you an invite!

Block Printing

Block Printing

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I recently helped out at another workshop for the lovely organisation, River and Cloth, celebrating the textile heritage of the River Wandle. The previous phases were dye and stitch and this one is print.

This print workshop run by Sandrine Case involved simply pushing indentations into polystyrene paisley shapes with a biro, inking the paisley up and pushing in onto the material. Et voila! All participants then added their individual designs to a ‘tree of life’ textile piece. It looked great!

This ‘tree of life’ and many other beautiful results of the project will be on display at our exhibition this September at the weird oasis of tranquility that is Merton Abbey Mills. The show runs 10am – 5pm daily from the 17th – 23rd September. If you’re in the area or fancy the surreal experience of seeing a watermill powered pottery in something like a village market, then come and see what we’ve been up to with numerous school and community groups in the area.