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Q Art Presents, Show Convenor


One of the interesting events at the Q Art Presents exhibition at the APT Gallery in Deptford was an end of show convenor. Exhibitors were given the chance to talk about their work and have a Q&A session. I always find this process so helpful as it highlights elements of the work which are and are not working.

I find it interesting how universal our fascination with bones is. I think it’s something primal in us that makes us more aware of our own mortality. Part repulsion, part intrigue; a freak show of objects. I’ve found similar effects with fur, skin, and wood. We are drawn to our caveman past like staring into the flames of a fire.

This piece is called ‘Bones’. An intentionally literal title. It is a new version of a piece I first conceived of during my residency at the Chinese Arts Centre. The first Chinese calligraphy was found carved into bones so I thought it would be interesting to dye bones entirely with Chinese ink and use each bone as a calligraphic stroke, with smaller bone fragments mirroring the way the ink stroke fragments on textured paper as the ink runs out.

I opted for the character for bones partly because it is so literally describing what its made from, and that amused me. I was also motivated by the fact that, to me, the character looks like a human figure, showing both our bones as the framework of us, and elements of characters, letters, ink strokes, as the framework of language and visual language. ‘ told that the top of the character means flesh, and the bottom part means bones, together meaning bones. It is customarily polite to ask for a bone if you actually want flesh.


Thanks to Jess Blandford for the bottom photo. You can see more of her photos from the whole show here.

A huge thank you to Sarah Rowles who founded Q-Art, a great organisation, and Erica Shiozaki who co-curated the show with Sarah. A lot of hard work and a great result. There were some wonderful relationships occurring between the works in the show, particularly the triangulating black fragments in the front space. Bliss!

Block Printing

Block Printing

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I recently helped out at another workshop for the lovely organisation, River and Cloth, celebrating the textile heritage of the River Wandle. The previous phases were dye and stitch and this one is print.

This print workshop run by Sandrine Case involved simply pushing indentations into polystyrene paisley shapes with a biro, inking the paisley up and pushing in onto the material. Et voila! All participants then added their individual designs to a ‘tree of life’ textile piece. It looked great!

This ‘tree of life’ and many other beautiful results of the project will be on display at our exhibition this September at the weird oasis of tranquility that is Merton Abbey Mills. The show runs 10am – 5pm daily from the 17th – 23rd September. If you’re in the area or fancy the surreal experience of seeing a watermill powered pottery in something like a village market, then come and see what we’ve been up to with numerous school and community groups in the area.