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Darling Buds exhibition

I really enjoyed taking part in the artist’s talk at the Darling Buds exhibition on Saturday. The show was put together by a group of curators: Rebecca Hallett, Davinia-Ann Robinson, Boudicca Collins, Nelly Curtis and Jessica Mautner, who haven’t worked together before and they all got on brilliantly. I think the show demonstrated how well they got on. There was a really harmonious feel to it.

The show was really well attended and I was pleased to hear about some of the reactions to my “Frustrated Play” piece. Apparently many children had gravitated towards the piece, and backed away at the last minute, perhaps because of the aesthetic of the piece or maybe because they were perplexed by it. two or three bent down and played with it and asked why it couldn’t be played with properly since the train wouldn’t go round. Others were told not to touch it by their parents. One of the parents asked what it was about and felt that it reminded her of being on the road and packing stuff up all the time. She found it melancholy and a little disturbing. Since two of my least favourite things are tidying and moving house….she could well be right!

Participating Artists:
Grace Adam
Daniel Bourke
Matt Gee
Sian Griffiths
Melissa Henderson
Sadie Hennessy
Fiona Long
Sonja Van Kerkhoff & Sen McGlinn