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Entropy (sketch)

Here is a video sketch made in 2008 in Tokyo on a residency at Tokyo Wonder Site. Our group decided to go out onto the streets and make some video interventions. Robyn Minogue noticed a man sweeping meditatively near the temple so she devised a sweeping performance which I built on here. We were asked to focus on the theme of Waste. There was a lot of discussion on entropy and how, for the issue of waste management, entropy should be controlled! This is my response to that premise and it’s futility. Starring Robyn Minogue, and myself (Fiona Long). Camera: Cradeaux Alexander.

As you can see, it would need some rehearsal to be a polished performance but perhaps the relative chaos suits it anyway! I noticed from a photo of an exhibition in Tokyo that this was shown on a huge screen after I’d left the country. I guess that’s good?

Place/Displace Tokyo/London

Here are some images from our show ‘Place Displace’ showing how our work has evolved as a result of the Tokyo exchange last summer. During the summer of 2009, fourteen students from Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges (CCW) at the University of the Arts London travelled to Tokyo, to participate in a cultural exchange between the UK and Japan. Professor Chris Wainwright, Head of Colleges, CCW travelled with the group acting as a visiting tutor adding to the collection of 40 international artists who gathered for the workshop. Artists from different nations challenged themselves to overcome language and cultural boundaries to respond collectively to the title of ‘Waste’. During their visit students participated in workshops, site visits and tutorials from high profile designers, architects and composers such as Toshi Ichiyanagi, Kosuke Tsumura, Kotaro Watanabe and Song Dong. On returning to the UK we’ve continued to be informed by our experience in Japan and are now presenting work at Camberwell College of Arts, which reflects on the integration of our Japan experience into our individual practices.

I’m going to Tokyo!

In the pines

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I’m so excited! I’ve just found out that I’m one of the 14 second years selected from Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon colleges of art to go on a cultural exchange to Tokyo for a month this summer! The project is funded by the Prime Minister’s Initiative 2. When we arrive we will have ‘tailor made’ guided tours of Tokyo and then make a presentation about our own work and research interests showing examples of UK contemporary art relevant to our own work. We will work together in the Tokyo Wondersite studios and workshops and continue to make research trips in and around Tokyo, participate in lectures and discussions, and write a log of the project as it unfolds. We will present an exhibition of work and ideas produced collaboratively and document it for the project website and future publication by Tokyo Wondersite. There is an open discussion session in the gallery involving tutors and students and invited specialist contributors who are related to the themes of the workshops. The workshops run by Prof. Chris Wainwright are based on the themes of Environment, Identity, and Utopia; some topics which I have a great deal of interest in. I can’t wait!