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Degree Show

From my degree show, “Forest Fresh”: this uncanny collection of wood has all been touched to a certain degree by the human hand, and the machine; an exploration of materials, our human impact upon them and the space we live in. There is a confrontation of the relationship between sculpture and painting; how the two and three dimensional can be combined. These wooden ‘plinths’ become figures; their limbs dismembered like Ancient Greek statues. The ‘objects’ on the plinths mounted like heads on necks are pareidolic paintings; images of face-like fragments found in the city. The doors, jointed in L shapes lose any of their original funtionality but become more obviously 3-dimensional objects. What we imagine should be vertical, takes on a horizontal plane too, distorting our perspective on the world. The dimensions of the human body affect the measurements of a door. By placing a figure like object within the door shape, the way we measure those ‘bodies’ is affected. They are now ‘contained’ within the doors, the whole ensemble contained within the grey walls. The figures form a circle, as if performing some ancient rite. This anachronistic ensemble could confront how we view our material place in the world.