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Subsumed: Absorbing Surfaces

8 September – 15 November 2018
PV Tuesday 18 September

I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to curate an exhibition for Contemporary British Painting at The Crypt at St Marylebone Church near Baker Street and Regents Park tube.

Curating this exhibition has been a fascinating way to explore what drives the artwork I make through the lens of other painters I admire and the way they succeed in finding the beguiling things I find irresistible in painting.

Subsumed Flyer

Artists: Benjamin Deakin, David Sullivan, Fiona Long, Nadja Plein, Paula MacArthur, Rhys Trussler, Sasha Bowles and Wendy Saunders.

past tense: subsumed; past participle: subsumed
1. include or absorb (something) in something else.

Each of the eight painters in this exhibition engage their practice with the experience of subsumption. Variously this can be in the absorbing act of painting itself, experienced by the painter; in the creating of surfaces that have the capacity to engulf the viewer, in images that stir up powerful and consuming emotions or in dealing with themes such as assimilation and negation.

A painting is an essentially flat surface, yet it may present an intriguing depth in many ways, the illusion of trompe l’oeil, and perspective being two of the most obvious, but tempo of mark making, weight of composition and colour, may all lead viewers through the surface.

Visitors descending into the subterranean Crypt at St Marylebone, are also subsumed since the word literally means ‘to absorb from below’. Here they are invited to consider how each individual work is absorbed into the whole curated body, even as they themselves may find individual works absorbing.

The Crypt, St Marylebone Church,17 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LT

Private view: Tuesday 18th September, 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition dates: 8 September – 15 November 2018
Opening times: Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm. Sat 9am – 4pm. Sun closed.

Occasionally The Crypt closes for private meetings, you can phone ahead to check times on 020 7935 7315 or 07809330592.

Geometry of Memory at Ta·da, Copenhagan

I’m showing a small work at Ta·da space in Copenhagan. Ta·da is an artist-run space situated in a laundromat in Copenhagen, Denmark. The monthly exhibitions mainly consist of 9 x A3 frames placed above the washing machines. The exhibition runs 17 June to 21 July 2018


The exhibition, Geometry of Memory, is a group exhibition by POST Artists,the peer-led UK network for artists who respond to place. Founded in 2008, POST stages site-specific shows reflecting members’ diverse practices. In POST projects network artists respond to a place, curated by artists with personal links to it. Projects occur anywhere, including overlooked or disused spaces, investigating notions of public space.

Image-41 (1)

The proportions of the human body in the building itself. Height and width of doorways, ceilings that give us space to feel alive. The familiarity of a place, machines that are circles and straight lines. The large expanse of industrial glass that frames the street outside looking in. A brain that idles snugly in a closed bone box, that imagines, remembers and demands the life lived.

POST is the peer-led UK network for artists who respond to place. Founded in 2008, POST stages site-specific shows reflecting members’ diverse practices. In POST projects network artists respond to a place, curated by artists with personal links to it. Projects occur anywhere, including overlooked or disused spaces, investigating notions of public space.

Participating artists: Camilla Brueton, Marco Cali, Fiona Long, Samantha Penn, Nadia Perrotta, Marianne Walker, Helena Wee and Mary Yacoob.

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

I’m delighted to be in the 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Grayson Perry’s curation of the show is so refreshing and colourful. If you go to see the show, I’m in the bright yellow room selected by Grayson Perry. The show continues until 19 August.

My painting selected is “Night Crawler”


Night Crawler is a darkly humorous exploration of the detachment we feel from nature in urban environments, even though nature constantly exerts its force on the human made.

This rather surreal painting may feel like a filmic scene from a 1950s science fiction horror movie, or something you may have dreamed about. It’s impossible, yet somehow feels familiar. Abject yet potentially enticing.

It toys with the constant battle between nature and man-made environments, imagining a dark yet perhaps erotic world where gelatinous sea creatures creep their way around our urban landscapes.

Tannery Arts Group Show 2017


I’m very pleased to be showing some work in the Tannery Arts Group Show 2017 at Tannery Projects

A group show of work from Tannery Arts studio holders and staff

Anja Aichinger, Frank Ammerlaan, Michael Armitage, Andrew Bick, Tom Brown, Marcus Cope, Chris Daniels, Mahal de Man, Benjamin Deakin, Howard Dyke, Laura Eldret, Jamie George, Nick Goss, Fiona Grady, Adrian Haak, Fiona Long, Hannah Luxton, Anna Lytridou, Alice McCabe, Sarah McDonald, Jacqui McIntosh, Robert Montgomery, David Musgrave, Roger Phillips, Ellie Pratt, Nell Sully, Nadine Talalla, Nicola Wallis, Alison Wilding

Private view Friday 27 January 6.00-8.30pm

Show continues Saturday 28 January – Sunday 19 February
Tues – Fri 11am – 6pm
Sat / Sun 12 – 6pm
Closed Mondays
Accessible through Drawing Room

Drawing Room
Unit 8 Rich Estate
46 Willow Walk
London SE1 5SF

Marshmallow Soup: Cubitt Salon #8

marshmallow soup

Paige Perkins and I are delighted to have been given the opportunity to host a Salon at Cubitt where we’ve been painting this summer. These Salons celebrate Cubitt’s 25th anniversary this year.

We will be presenting a playful mix of our paintings and invite you to join us for a vodka jelly, or tipple of choice, and a little bit of nonsense.

6.30-8pm Tuesday 23 August

Cubitt, 8 Angel Mews, London, N1 9HH

Turps Studio Programme 2016


To mark the end of our wonderful journey at the Turps Studio Painting Programme, we will be showing a selection of works at our show, opening this Wednesday evening at Art Bermondsey Project Space.

I have just finished my two years of developing my work there and it’s been amazing.

Please join the Turps Studio Programme 2016 at the opening of our end of year show…

PRIVATE VIEW – August 17th 6-9pm

Exhibition continues 18th-27th August Wed-Sun

Katie Brookes, India Dewar, David Edmond, Roisin Fogarty, Maj-Gret Gaupas, Athene Greig, Norman Hyams, Benjamin Jamie, Mari Kolbeinson, Fiona Long, Stephanie Maeseele, Jessie Makinson, Scott McCracken, Coll McDonnell, Paige Perkins, Nadja Plein, Tim Ralston, Mel Scott, Anna Jung Seo, Jenny Smith, Jonathan Stubbs, Sharon Swaine, Nadine Talalla, Rhys Trussler

Art Bermondsey Project Space
183 – 185 Bermondsey Street

Turps Painting Programme Open Studio and Mentors’ Exhibition


To mark the end of our year at the wonderful Turps Painting Programme, we decided that rather than trying to cram all of our work into the gallery, we’d prefer to open up our studios so that you can come and explore what we’ve been up to, and see the context in which we make it. We may tidy up a tad, but this way, you can see more work displayed, and take a peek through other things we’ve worked on throughout the year if you’d like to see the wider context of any of the artists’ work.

Our thinking is that you’ll get to see more paintings, and we can get painting again straight after the show! We are all prolific! Our mentors and visiting artists often comment on the quantity of work we produce, and our level of dedication compared to the various MA programmes they teach on. There’s a great energy of mutual support.

We are delighted to be exhibiting paintings from our mentors at Turps Gallery concurrently with our Open Studio event. It’s an opportunity for us to demonstrate the unique, reciprocal dialogue that happens within the discourse at Turps.

This event will also include the launch of Turps Banana issue 17! The most wonderful contemporary painting magazine, written by painters, for painters, and with no adverts! You can nab yourself a launch event discounted copy on the night.

I’ll be there on the Friday opening event, and Sunday July 3 from 2-5pm.