Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

I’m delighted to be in the 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Grayson Perry’s curation of the show is so refreshing and colourful. If you go to see the show, I’m in the bright yellow room selected by Grayson Perry. The show continues until 19 August.

My painting selected is “Night Crawler”


Night Crawler is a darkly humorous exploration of the detachment we feel from nature in urban environments, even though nature constantly exerts its force on the human made.

This rather surreal painting may feel like a filmic scene from a 1950s science fiction horror movie, or something you may have dreamed about. It’s impossible, yet somehow feels familiar. Abject yet potentially enticing.

It toys with the constant battle between nature and man-made environments, imagining a dark yet perhaps erotic world where gelatinous sea creatures creep their way around our urban landscapes.